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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job of a music teacher?

Music Instructor. Music Teacher Job Description: Music Teachers instruct elementary, junior high, or high school students in performance and music theory. They also lead various performance ensembles at the school, such as the marching band, choir, or orchestra.

What does a music teacher do?

A music teacher is someone who teaches people how to play an instrument (for example the piano, guitar or violin) or gives singing and voice lessons. Some music teachers work in schools from elementary to high school levels, and teach many students. These teachers are responsible for directing the school bands, choirs and orchestras.

What is Tech Music?

Music technology is the application of technology, such as computers and software, to the musical arts. Whether it is the use of sequencer and editing software or electronic musical devices, musical technology and its definition expands as technology expands.

What is a tech teacher?

A vocational teacher, also known as a career and technical education teacher, instructs students in practical career skills in middle, secondary, or post-secondary public and private educational institutions.

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