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Frequently Asked Questions

What is much?

Definition of much (Entry 3 of 3) 1 : a great quantity, amount, extent, or degree She gave away much of what she owned 2 : something considerable or impressive was not much to look at Synonyms & Antonyms for much

What does too much mean?

much. (mʌtʃ) adj. more, most, adj. 1. great in quantity, measure, or degree: too much cake. n., pron. 2. a great quantity, measure, or degree: There wasn't much to do. 3. a great, important, or notable thing or matter: not much to look at. adv. 4. to a great extent or degree: to talk too much.

What is the root word of Muche?

From Middle English muche (“much, great”), apocopated variant of muchel (“much, great”), from Old English myċel, miċel (“big, much”), from Proto-West Germanic *mikil, from Proto-Germanic *mikilaz (“great, many, much”), from Proto-Indo-European *meǵh₂- (“big, stour, great”). See also mickle, muckle . Hurry! We don't have much time!

What is the opposite of much?

Synonyms & Antonyms of much (Entry 1 of 3) having great meaning or lasting effect actually, nothing much changed Synonyms for much big, consequential, earth-shattering, earthshaking, eventful, historic, important, major, material, meaningful, momentous, monumental, significant, substantial, tectonic, weighty Near Antonyms for much paltry, petty,

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