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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Smart syndrome on MRI?

This results in blood brain barrier disruption leading to symmetric hemispheric edema and contrast enhancement on MRI [9]. Since radiation may preferentially damage endothelial cells, the SMART syndrome might be a reversible radiation vasculopathy comparable with PRES.

What is smartsmart syndrome (stroke like migraine attacks after radiation therapy)?

SMART syndrome (stroke-like migraine attacks after radiation therapy) is a rare condition that involves complex migraines with focal neurologic findings in patients following cranial irradiation for central nervous system malignancies. Little is known about the mechanisms behind the disorder, making successful treatment challenging.

What is smartsmart syndrome and how is it treated?

SMART syndrome, an acronym for stroke-like migraine attacks after radiation therapy, is an uncommon delayed complication of cerebral radiation therapy. Patients usually present years after radiation therapy (6-30 years in a case series) with seizures and subacute stroke-like episodes with symptoms such as hemiplegia, aphasia, and hemianopia 6.

Is smart syndrome reversible after years of radiation therapy?

We report on four patients with reversible clinical and radiological features occurring years after radiation for brain tumours, suggestive for the so called SMART syndrome (stroke-like migraine attacks after radiation therapy).

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