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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mr Bill's Cafe?

Located within Mr. Bill's Fresh Seafood market, our cafe is perfect for fun, casual dining for lunch or dinner! Enjoy delicious seafood entrees and daily specials prepared by our chef without the fine dining price! View our Facebook page to see Current Specials!

Is Mr Bill's seafood a good place to eat?

The take out seafood dinners were delicious, fresh and abundant! We have been to Mr. Bill's Seafood several times during our visits to Lancaster. Mr. Bill's is one of my favorite places to get seafood locally. High quality, always fresh, and friendly staff.

Why Mr Bill's Terrace Inn?

Mr Bill's Terrace Inn is not just a "crab house!" It offers a diverse menu filled with great dishes that will delight the seafood lover and land lover alike! Enjoy a casual family atmosphere in a Baltimore area favorite that has been around for 64 years.

Is Mr bills steamed crab good?

The steamed crabs have a flavorful spice rub and decently priced. This was our first experience with Mr Bills and we called and ordered two takeout entrees. When I got home with the food, the first thing I noticed was that there were no side salads, which the menu clearly stated were included with each entree.

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