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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mr Bill's poultry market?

Mr. Bill’s Poultry Market specialty products include stuffed chicken breasts, chicken sausages, turkey sausages, and much more. His trademark is creativity, quality, convenience, and superior customer service and satisfaction. His business has grown from one stand to three stand.

Where can I buy chicken products in Allentown?

Mr. Bills is located in the Allentown Farmers Market and has excellent chicken products. Wonderful types of shredded chicken for sandwiches. Unfortunately not a place that serves food, not a place to eat.

Can you buy Mr Bill’s products in person?

We offer a large variety of many of our products that you can buy in person, online! From meats to spices, get Mr. Bill’s shipped directly to your front door. Mr. Bill has proudly owned and operated Mr. Bill’s Poultry Market and Healthy Deli since 1992.

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