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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Mplus cost?

Mplus Version 8.6 Products: Version 8.6 Pricing For New Licencees: Mplus Base Program: $595: Mplus Base Program and Mixture Add-On: $745: Mplus Base Program and Multilevel Add-On: $745: Mplus Base Program and Combination Add-On: $895

What are the Mplus commands and options?

Mplus commands and options are described in A Summary of the Mplus Language. Most of the examples found in the Mplus section can be run using the demo version. These include: cont3, cont6, cont10, mix1-mix6, mix8-mix11, mix14, and penn1-penn7.

What are the limitations of the Mplus demo version?

The Mplus Demo Version is limited only by the number of variables that can be used in an analysis. Following are the limitations: All features in Mplus Version 8.6 Base Program and Combination Add-On are available in Mplus Version 8.6 Demo. Read more about these features.

How do I obtain an mplus single-user student license?

To obtain an Mplus Single-User Student License, proof of current student status and a signed Student License Addendum must accompany the order. Proof of current student status can be in the form of a copy of a current student identification card (this must show current year and semester) or a letter from a university on university letterhead.

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