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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for walking for women?

Best Support Walking Shoes. According to Podiatrist Josh White, DPM, CPed, a good walking shoe is lightweight, well-balanced, has a relatively flat or undercut heel and enough cushioning to walk for an extended time in comfort. The Asics 4-to-8 offers excellent support for both women and men walkers with a neutral gait.

What is the best lightweight walking shoes?

In addition to that, there is a lightweight, soft EVA midsole, which absorbs shock while minimizing stress on the knees, feet and ankles. With such foot arch and heel support, they are one of the best lightweight walking shoes for plantar fasciitis.

What are the best comfort shoes?

BirkenstockWith features such as arch support, raised toe bars and deep heel cups, Birkenstock shoes and sandals offer plenty of comfort enhancements, as well as being probably the most legendary shoe brand on this list.

What is the best walking for women?

Another of the best women's walking shoes is by New Balance. Having multiple brands of shoes on the list is quite an accomplishment for New Balance. Especially considering the fact that many athletics manufacturers won't give women walkers the time of day.

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