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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a monolight?

Also known as studio strobes or monoblocks, monolights are self-contained flashes that house the lamp, fan, and power supply in one unit. They deliver powerful illumination with minimal recycle time, and are extremely versatile.

What are the different parts of a monolight camera?

Most monolights have several features in common: Flashtube/strobe bulb — The bulb that creates the flash. Modeling light — A constant light that illuminates the subject and aids the photographer in composing the picture. Power connector — The receptacle for the power cord.

Can Monolight strobes be used indoors?

Monolight strobes run on AC power, which means powerful illumination and fast recycling times. In addition, as you position them individually, they don't need long, cumbersome, power-sapping extension cables. However, they can be bulky, which makes them more suitable for indoor studio use.

What to look for when buying a monolight?

Another factor to consider when investing in a monolight is the availability of accessories and spare parts. The more solid the brand, the more likely it is to be available. Leading makers such as Profoto and Godox, for example, come with a full range of accessories.

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