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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moneytree®?

Moneytree® | Payday Loans Online, Find Check Cashing Locations & More! It's quick and easy! Getting the cash you need, when you need it should be simple.

How do I contact Moneytree customer service?

“Online application process is easy and fast.” Moneytree’s Customer Service Team is Open 24 Hours, seven days a week 364 days a year (every day except Christmas Day). If you have any questions, please call 877-613-MONY (6669).

Where is Moneytree located in Muncie Indiana?

115 South Walnut St. Muncie, IN 47305 Call Us Toll-Free:877-421-9815 Support:877-421-9815ext. 0 Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Why Moneytree

Is Moneytree the most reliable financial planning program?

“If financial planning is at the core of what you do, which it is for us, Moneytree is the most reliable program and really allows me to tailor my assumptions with customizations. It helps me believe in the integrity of the data in the plans that I’m creating for my clients.”

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