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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a Moneytree location near me?

How can I find a Moneytree location near me? Select your state of residence from the home page. Click Locations to be redirected to its location search page. Allow Moneytree to use your computer’s location or type in your ZIP code. Select More Details next to the store you want to visit to see its hours and reviews.

What is Moneytree®?

Moneytree® | Payday Loans Online, Find Check Cashing Locations & More! It's quick and easy! Getting the cash you need, when you need it should be simple.

How many states are Moneytree stores in?

Moneytree has store locations in five states, but the types of loans you’re eligible for depend on your state of residence. Store information last updated June 2019. How can I find a Moneytree location near me?

How do I apply for a Moneytree loan?

Call your nearest Moneytree branch for details about the loans and services available in your area. Will I need a checking account to qualify? It depends on where you live. Residents of Idaho, Nevada and Washington may be able to receive a payday or installment loan without a checking account.

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