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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cancel a MoneyGram money order?

You can't cancel a MoneyGram once the recipient has received the funds. If the recipient has already picked up the MoneyGram, you must contact the recipient to resolve the issue. Call MoneyGram customer service. Request to cancel the money order. Submit your full name, your 8-digit reference number and the amount sent.

How do you track a MoneyGram money order?

A MoneyGram money order can be tracked by calling the company at 800-542-3590. The automated system requests the order number and dollar amount of the money order. If the intended recipient says he has not received the money order after 2 weeks, the sender may request a copy of the order or a refund. MoneyGram...

How do you refund money order?

According to Western Union, a money order purchaser may request a refund by completing and signing a tracing-refund request. The form can be filled out separately or may be completed on the back of the receipt for the instrument. Purchasers can then send the form or receipt and money order to the contact address on the document.

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