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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you close a money market account early?

You’re generally able to access the money in your account at any time without incurring a penalty. An exception is if you were to close a money market account that has an early close-out penalty. These penalties usually occur during the first 90 to 180 days of opening the account.

Why did Stocks close at session lows Thursday?

U.S. stocks closed at session lows Thursday after staging a comeback from a turbulent previous session as investors weighed a series of upbeat earnings and a fresh read on weekly jobless claims out of Washington.

Is a money market account a good place to keep money?

A money market account can be a good place to keep your money while deciding what its purpose is. (Since CDs usually have early withdrawal penalties, you need to have a good idea of when that money will be used or needed.) Your money market account may have a higher APY than a CD.

How long does a money market account last?

One exception is if the money market account has an introductory rate that’s guaranteed for a certain period of time. These typically are guaranteed for anywhere from three months to a year. If you pursue one of these introductory rates, compare it with the institution's current standard rates.

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