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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is your money market?

Although money market funds are relatively safe , there is still a small amount of risk that could have disastrous consequences if you can't afford any losses. There is no government entity covering potential market losses.

Why are money markets safer than stocks?

Money markets are considered to be very safe - safer than the stock market - because stocks in an individual company can really go up or down, or even collapse should the company in question go bankrupt. With money markets, people are always trading, borrowing, and lending, so there's less of a chance of the money drying up.

What are the risks of money market?

A final risk you’re taking with money market funds has to do with inflation. Because money market funds are considered to be safer than other investments like stocks, long term average returns on money market funds tends to be less than long term average returns on riskier investments.

How safe are money market accounts?

The simple answer is YES. Typically money invested into money market accounts will be safe and protected as most of the companies offering them are backed by the FDIC. However money invested into a money market mutual fund will work a little bit differently.

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