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Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays Tokyo in Money Heist?

Úrsula Corberó: the impressive style of the 'Money Heist' star - The Spanish series 'Money Heist' has been a huge success worldwide and one of its highlights is the thief Tokyo, the character played by Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó. Tokyo is a daring, bold, and fearless young woman.

Is Money Heist on Netflix?

One of the most popular and entertaining shows currently streaming on Netflix is the show Money Heist; formerly known as La Casa De Papel. Money heist is an international original series from Netflix that depicts a hostage situation that is controlled by a terrifyingly intelligent criminal who recruits seven criminals to conduct a grand heist.

Is Money Heist over?

After being picked up by Netflix, though, "Money Heist" turned into an international phenomenon and the rest is history. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Season 5 marks the final installment of "Money Heist," and the second half of the series is almost upon us.

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