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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Colorado modular homes?

At Colorado Modular Homes we specialize in creating custom high quality modular homes. We utilize several methods of off-site construction to build a home that is superior in structure, energy efficiency, and cost than traditional stick built construction — in a fraction of the time.

Can you buy a manufactured home in Colorado?

The purchase of a manufactured home, modular home, or prefabricated home in Colorado is a fiscally responsible choice for a homebuyer. Known as the Centennial State, Colorado is located in the Mountain region of the United States bordering Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Kansas.

Why choose modular log cabins in Colorado?

Our modular log cabins in Colorado are perfect for a vacation home, family retreat, retirement mansion, retreat centers, and more. Before we get too much deeper into why let’s first look briefly at the alternatives.

Why choose modular homes by Rocky Mountain Base Camp?

Rocky Mountain Base Camp can manage your project from inception to installation! If you are looking for a top quality, fast, easy build, look no further than Modular Homes by Rocky Mountain Base Camp. Today’s modular homes and manufactured homes are not “mobile homes” and are incredible structures built to last permanently.

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