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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any mobile/manufactured homes for rent in Colorado?

View 2 mobile homes for rent. Newer Colorado factory built homes are modular or manufactured homes. Colorado trailer homes are older small houses built before the HUD codes. Some Park Model homes are also called trailer homes.

Where can I buy a modular home in Colorado?

Retailers and local modular home builders, such as KIT Custom Homebuilders, Fleetwood Homes and Heritage Homes offer a variety of Colorado modular home options without compromising energy efficiency or structural integrity. Why in Colorado?

How much does a prefab home cost in Colorado?

While the major metropolitan areas, such as Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs have a higher average home cost, new prefabricated homes average out to cost approximately $189,000, saving a would-be homebuyer over $200,000.

Why build with Rocky Mountain Home Builders?

Utilizing the Road Home Process Rocky Mountain Home Builders will guide you through an efficient home design process culminating in construction documents and final design selections.

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