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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best modular homes?

Tree Top Builders is one of the best house builders who manufacturing the best quality tree houses.

What are the best modular home companies?

Express Modular, Blu Homes, Modular Direct, Champion Homes and Nationwide Homes are some of the top modular home manufacturers, reports Modular Homeowners. Icon Legacy, Wardcraft, Palm Harbor Homes, Clayton Homes and Commodore Homes also make the list. Express Modular is...

Can modular home be build anywhere?

The quick answer is that you can build a modular home just about anywhere. You just need to make sure that you follow all zoning laws in your area. Start researching zoning laws in your town or city to understand the laws and requirements in place.

Where are modular homes manufactured?

Modular Homes are built to the same local North Carolina, South Carolina or Virginia building codes as site-built homes. They are also inspected by both the factory and Independent third party engineering firms.

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