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Frequently Asked Questions

How many reels are in Bigbig Bad Wolf?

Big Bad Wolf features a standard 5x3 setup, which means that each of the five spinning reels contains three symbols in total. The game features a total of 25 paylines running across the reels, and you can activate or deactivate as many of them as you wish.

What is the wild system in Big Bad Wolf?

The Wild system in Big Bad Wolf is unusual and original. Each spin with a win is recorded, and every second win will make a Pig card turn into a Wild, able to replace any other symbol. The Beehive symbols acts as a “regular” Wild throughout the game.

What is a slot game?

Slot games are more than just spinning reels, they are about creating a unique universe for players to enjoy. By using familiar themes and readapting famous stories, developers can provide players with unique possibilities for winning big.

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