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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Miniature Pinscher cost?

On average, a Miniature Pinscher puppy can cost anywhere from $600 to as much as $1,550. From our research, dogs that weren’t registered with the AKC would be in the $500 to $900 range, while dogs with AKC paperwork would be in the $1,300 to $1,600 range. Older dogs, if found at a local shelter or rescue group, can cost less than $300.

Are mini Pinscher good dogs?

Miniature Pinschers are great dogs to own for a variety reasons. They will provide hours of entertainment and will be a loyal companion for their entire live. If you are looking for a smaller breed but still want to own a dog that is fearless and would be a good guard dog for your family the Miniature Pinscher is your best bet.

How many teeth does a Miniature Pinscher have?

All dogs are identical in makeup big or small– 42 permanent teeth and 321 bones. Miniature Pinscher Puppies have 28 teeth and when they become adult Miniature Pinscher Dogs they have 42 teeth. When Miniature Pinscher puppies are born, they have no teeth and are deaf and blind.

What is the price range for Miniature Pinschers?

The AKC Marketplace and the Miniature Pinscher Club of America have a list of reputable breeders for your peace of mind. A Miniature Pinscher price will have a range from $650 up to $6,000 depending on the certifications and level of lineage.

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