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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with Smartsheet?

Watch this Smartsheet tutorial for an introduction to key functionality and best practices that can transform the way your business works. You’ll learn how to use Smartsheet to streamline a business process using features including sheets, reports, automation, and dashboards. Walk through how to navigate Smartsheet to find and manage your work.

How do I use the Smartsheet connector?

This connector is available in the following products and regions: To use this integration, you will need access to a Smartsheet account. To make a connection, select Sign In. You will be prompted to provide your Smartsheet account information, follow the remainder of the screens to create a connection.

How do I import an Excel file into Smartsheet?

Here’s how to import an Excel file into Smartsheet: In Smartsheet, click Home, Import > Import Excel File. Select the Excel file you’d like to upload, click on the row that contains your column headers, and click Import. Your Excel file will be uploaded into Smartsheet. You can now insert, delete or rename columns and change font size and color.

How do I create a master sheet?

The secret is to use web forms, which quickly gather information and feed it into one master sheet. This sheet and web form combination give people a quick way to RSVP and/or submit meal requests, and let you keep all the information in one place. In Smartsheet, click Home, Create New > Blank Sheet .

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