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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft doing with my PII?

Microsoft customers know what's happening with their PII. ISO/IEC 27018 requires a policy that allows for the return, transfer, and secure disposal of personal information within a reasonable period of time.

What is the PII detection skill?

Privacy policy. Thank you. The PII Detection skill extracts personal information from an input text and gives you the option of masking it. This skill uses the machine learning models provided by Text Analytics in Cognitive Services.

How do I create a document with PII for Ibans?

In this phase, you create a document with PII for a set of example International Banking Account Numbers (IBANs) and store it on a SharePoint Online site in your Microsoft 365 dev/test environment. On your local computer, open Microsoft Word. Paste the following table in the Word file and save it as 'IBANs.docx' on your local computer.

How to monitor sensitive data in Saas?

Finally, Use Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to monitor files with sensitive data in other SaaS providers. Coming soon is the ability to use sensitive information types and unified labels across Azure Information Protection and Office with Defender for Cloud Apps.

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