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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft doing with my PII?

Microsoft customers know what's happening with their PII. ISO/IEC 27018 requires a policy that allows for the return, transfer, and secure disposal of personal information within a reasonable period of time.

What is personally identifiable information (PII)?

Personally Identifiable information (PII), is any data that can be used used to identify a individuals such as names, driver’s license number, SSNs, bank account numbers, passport numbers, email addresses and more. Many regulations from GDPR to HIPPA require strict protection of user privacy.

What can I do with azure PII detection?

Doing so can add new information and structures useful for search and other scenarios. The Azure PII Detection skill (Currently in Preview) extracts personally identifiable information from an input text and gives you the option to mask it from that text in various ways.

What is Microsoft Information Protection and how does it work?

Microsoft Information Protection as part of Microsoft 365 provides the tools to know your data, protect your data, and prevent data loss.

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