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Frequently Asked Questions

Are municipal bonds a good investment?

Municipal Bonds Are a Good Investment. Investors need to monitor reports and news on specific locations or projects, especially if they buy individual bonds. Over the last 10 years, 96% of the municipal market experience credit rating changes. Revenue muni bonds backed by solid streams of income may be safer.

Who is buying municipal bonds?

Municipal (or muni) bonds cater mostly to people in high tax brackets due to the fact that interest payments on muni bonds aren't taxed by the federal government. In many places, they are exempt from state and local taxes as well.

What is a municipal bond, and how does it work?

Municipal bonds are issued by state and local governments -- also called municipalities -- to raise money for public works projects like the construction and maintenance of bridges, hospitals, schools and water treatment facilities. A bond issuer (the municipality) sells the bond to the bond holder (the investor).

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