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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a voter ID card in Mexico?

Those voting cards are government-issued photo IDs, credentials that citizens are required to produce at polling stations in order to vote in federal elections in Mexico. The United States has no equivalent national voter requirements or voter ID card, however. Some states require voters to produce photo IDs in order to vote, while others don’t.

What is the voter ID number (Clave de elector)?

The voter ID number (Clave de Elector) is an 18-character alphanumeric code located on the Mexican voter registration card. It is structured as follows: To better understand the voter ID number, consider an individual with the following details:

What is the Electoral Registry in Mexico?

The electoral registry in Mexico is of an active nature, that is, it is responsibility of the citizens who fulfill the requirements, to attend, carry out and complete their registration in person before one of the field offices or modules set up for this purpose by the IFE throughout the country.

How do I vote in Mexico?

So, you want to vote in Mexico ... Since the 1990s, eligible voters in the country of Mexico (i.e., persons of age 18 or greater) have had to visit an electoral office and be registered into the electoral census in order to obtain a voting card issued by the National Electoral Institute (formerly the Federal Electoral Institute).

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