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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical dose of metoprolol?

As always, do not adjust your dose unless your healthcare provider specifically instructs you to do so. The recommended starting dosage of metoprolol tartrate for people with high blood pressure ( hypertension) is 100 mg once a day or 50 mg twice a day.

When to take metoprolol medication?

However, metoprolol tartrate is also used to treat and prevent heart attacks, while metoprolol succinate is also used to treat heart failure. Metoprolol may be used as part of a combination therapy. That means you may have to take it with hydrochlorothiazide or chlorthalidone.

What is a substitute for metoprolol?

Fortunately, there are several alternatives to metoprolol available. Some of these alternatives include blood pressure medications. There are several categories of medication used to treat high blood pressure. Often, two or more drugs work better than one.

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