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Frequently Asked Questions

Which best defines the term metonymy?

Question and answer. Which best defines the term metonymy? a part of something representing the whole similar structure of words or phrases in a work substituting an attribute for the whole exaggerating for greater effect. The best definition of metonymy is: substituting an attribute for the whole. Log in for more information.

Why do you use metonymy?

Writers use metonymy for many reasons. Sometimes it's to find a poetic way to say something that would otherwise be plain or quotidian , much like a restaurant makes its food sound fancy by metonymically calling it a "dish.". Other times a writer might seek to convey an abstract concept (like love or birth)...

What is the purpose or a function of metonymy?

Metonymy Definition Metonymy is a figure of speech that replaces the name of a thing with the name of something else with which it is closely associated. ... Function of Metonymy Generally, metonymy is used in developing literary symbolism, meaning it gives more profound meanings to otherwise common ideas and objects.

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