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Frequently Asked Questions

What is metametacrawler and MetaCrawler?

MetaCrawler is a popular metasearch engine. Metasearch engines searches other search engines simultaneously, compiles the results, and displays results either by search engine employed, or clustering results together after eliminating duplicates. Metacrawler is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by Metacrawler.

What happened to MetaCrawler?

In 2014, MetaCrawler was merged into another one of InfoSpace's search engines,, which was originally launched in 2006. The MetaCrawler domain at first redirected to, but was afterwards changed to redirect to, the search page for Excite, also operated by InfoSpace.

Is MetaCrawler the first search engine on the World Wide Web?

However, it was a useful service in its own right, and had a number of research challenges. MetaCrawler was not, however, the first metasearch engine on the World Wide Web. That feat belongs to SavvySearch, developed at the Colorado State University, albeit launched just four months prior to MetaCrawler.

Is metametacrawler owned by InfoSpace?

MetaCrawler was purchased by InfoSpace, an online content provider, in Feb. 97. Search against several major search engines and paid listings services. Offers a nice option to see Alexa info about pages that are listed. Brings back listings from several major search engines as well as “Invisible Web” resources.

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