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Frequently Asked Questions

What is metacognition and why is it important?

1 Answer. Finally, and most importantly, metacognition involves monitoring and controlling one’s emotions, such as anxiety and motivation, as well as understanding one’s intentions and motives. Metacognition is the internal dialogue or private speech that allows students to regulate their thinking and emotions.

What does metacognition refer to?

Metacognition is a term that refers to the ability of an individual to think and reflect on their own thought processes, in particular with a view to improving their cognitive skills.

What are examples of metacognition?

Some everyday examples of metacognition include: awareness that you have difficulty remembering people's names in social situations. reminding yourself that you should try to remember the name of a person you just met. realizing that you know an answer to a question but simply can't recall it at the moment.

What are two synonyms for the word metacognition?

Synonyms for metacognitive include metaconscious, self-aware, self-cognizant, self-perceptive, self-recognizing and self-understanding. Find more similar words at!

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