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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened at the Battle of Merville?

Merville’s battery was the subject of new battles on June 7, especially following the assaults led by commando N°3, which however failed to seize it. Upon their disengagement, the British commandos were caught under the firing of the guns directed with the reticles of direct fire.

What are the coordinates of the Battle of Merville Gun Battery?

/  49.27000°N 0.19639°W  / 49.27000; -0.19639 The Battle of Merville Gun Battery occurred on 6 June 1944, as part of Operation Tonga, part of the Normandy landings, during the Second World War.

Why visit the Merville Battery and Museum?

You will also be able to see the whole of this battery site, whose guns would be silenced, and hence understand the difficult D Day mission that had been given to Lieutenant Colonel Terence Otway’s 9th Battalion… The Eastern flank of the fighting on 6th June 1944 the Merville battery and museum form the Eastern portal to the battle of Normandy.

What was the Merville Battery made of?

The Merville Battery was composed of four 6-foot-thick (1.8 m) steel-reinforced concrete gun casemates, built by the Todt Organisation. Each was designed to protect First World War-vintage Czech M.14/19 100 mm guns. Other buildings on the site included a command bunker, a building to accommodate the men, and ammunition magazines.

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