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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mens walking shoes?

The leather New Balance 577 walking shoe is an excellent, reasonably-priced choice for men who need a supportive, comfy shoe for all-day wear. The cushioned, walking-specific footbed is made for enhanced comfort and impact protection.

What are the best features of a walking shoe?

It's important to specifically look for shoes that are meant for walking, Perkins says. Walking shoes should feel heavier than most pairs of trainers, and have a lower heel than the average running shoe. Those attributes allow for less bounce and more of a natural cadence to your stride, she says.

What are the benefits of wearing walking shoes?

A pair of properly fitting walking shoes can prevent nagging issues such as foot pain, bruised toenails, and blisters. A good fit is snug enough to feel secure and prevent your foot from moving around, but not too tight.

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