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Frequently Asked Questions

What does shiny Mega Charizard X look like?

Mega Charizard X’s colours look like shiny Charizard’s (‘cept shiny Charizard is black and red instead of black and blue), which makes me wonder what shiny Mega Charizard X looks like. It was seen in a trailer to participate in a Sky Battle, despite it no longer being part Flying, nor have Levitate.

Which is better, Charizard X or Y?

Charizard X is better at: Charizard Y is better at: In singles, Charizard X is usually better because it's not as weak to stealth rock and can set up and sweep. In doubles, Charizard Y is better because of its strong spread moves.

Which Charizard Mega is better?

Mega Charizard Y Is the Better option for raw attack Mega Charizard X stats are lower due to how its stats translate from the main series to pogo. Charizard Y is a better attacker and top fire type one.

What color is shiny Mega Charizard X?

As Shiny Charizard Mega Evolves into Mega Charizard X, Its body becomes blueish-green and its wings become red. For Mega Charizard Y, its body becomes purple.

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