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Frequently Asked Questions

What can medhub do for You?

A comprehensive platform to integrate data, activities, and workflows to support your student, preceptor, and program needs. We serve a wide variety of other program types. Please click here to learn more. This opens in a new window. Ready to see what MedHub can do for you? Request a demo today!

Why choose the University of Chicago Medicine?

The University of Chicago Medicine offers tomorrow’s therapies today, improving the lives of people with heart disease, providing innovative treatments for cancer and helping mothers with complex pregnancies deliver healthy children.

What is uicuchicago medicine?

UChicago Medicine is an academic medical center that trains future leaders in medicine and research. The answer that we got was, you don't have to travel far. You've got the very, very, very best in your back yard.

Where is the University of Chicago located in Chicago?

The neighborhood of Hyde Park in South Chicago is the home of the University of Chicago. The beautiful community near the shores of Lake Michigan is rich with tradition and diversity. It is where the University of Chicago started more than 100 years ago, with a gift from John D. Rockefeller.

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