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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pay with a credit card at medals of America?

Medals of America accepts credit cards. How is Medals of America rated? Medals of America has 2 stars. What days are Medals of America open?

Are the ribbons and medals mil-spec?

But the ribbons and medals are Mil-Spec. I've ordered replacement ribbons, gifts for family, and odds and ends. Not bad quality and priced reasonably. Recently I ordered a shadow box for my office.

Where are the USMC ribbons made?

The devices expanded to customized jackets with unit and ranks, those cheesy T-shirt's they used to sell outside the gates, and miscellaneous military trinkets. I've ordered stuff from these guys for years. The clothing is made in China. But the ribbons and medals are Mil-Spec.

What are medals of America hats made of?

Our Medals of America exclusive hats are made of a 5 panel construction with a hat patch on the front of the hat and have a high profile. Other brands we carry, like Eagle Gear Six and Condor, may have a different style and construction than our hats so keep that in mind when purchasing.

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