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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medals of America navy hat?

Medals of America’s Navy hats are the perfect way to commemorate your tour of duty in Vietnam, service aboard an aircraft carrier, time as a Seabee or the rank you achieved through hard work and dedication If you want it to be known that you’re a Navy veteran, you can choose from many Medals of America Navy hats that do it with flair.

Do your military hats match other branches of the military?

No matching products found. We take pride in our wide selection of military hats that represent all branches of the military and cover many conflicts from WWII to the GWOT. Our Medals of America exclusive hats are made of a 5 panel construction with a hat patch on the front of the hat and have a high profile.

What makes our military hats unique?

The patches used on our military hats are pressed on the hat in-house to give it that unique look and shipped right to your front door. Our military hat is a premium cotton and nylon blend that’ll keep you comfortable all year round and can hold up to your daily life at work, at the range, wherever you go, without a problem.

What is a navy hat and what does it mean?

Navy hats are not only about specifics, such as action in specific war zones, such as Vietnam, or achieving a certain rank, officer or enlisted. They can be about simply stating pride in being a sailor.

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