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Frequently Asked Questions

Which US city bid to host the 1976 Olympics?

The United States Olympic Committee initiated bids to host both the 1976 Summer and Winter Olympic Games in celebration of the Bicentennial. Los Angeles bid for the 1976 Olympics but lost to Montreal.

What ships were in the bicentennial parade in 1976?

Celebrating the United States Bicentennial Italian tall ship Amerigo Vespucci in New York Harbor during the celebration. Norwegian rigged ship Christian Radich at Operation Sail on July 4, 1976 Polish three mast ship Dar Pomorza during the Parade of Sail on July 4, 1976

What are medals of America hats made of?

Our Medals of America exclusive hats are made of a 5 panel construction with a hat patch on the front of the hat and have a high profile. Other brands we carry, like Eagle Gear Six and Condor, may have a different style and construction than our hats so keep that in mind when purchasing.

Who was the first paraplegic to win a medal at the Olympics?

Archer Neroli Fairhall of New Zealand was the first paraplegic athlete to take part in a medal event, competing in a wheelchair. The first Olympic women’s marathon was staged, and was won by Joan Benoit of the U.S. Rhythmic gymnastics, synchronised swimming and the women’s cycling road race also made their debuts.

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