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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of medallion?

Definition of medallion. 1 : a large medal. 2 : something resembling a large medal; especially : a tablet or panel in a wall or window bearing a figure in relief, a portrait, or an ornament.

What is a medallion coin?

Anciently, a medallion was understood to be a coin, including ceremonial coins used in honoring the dead. In most cases, a medallion is constructed with the use of metal, although there are examples today that are manufactured with the use of wood and plastic compounds.

What is a medallion steak?

A beef medallion is a circular or square, thick (2.5cm/1 inch or more) piece of steak cut to fit squarely on the plate, and easy to cook however you prefer it, from rare to well done, and all stages in between. It usually comes in two forms: A grilling medallion is cut from top sirloin, rib eye or strip loin.

What is a medallion service?

Service medallions are other items that add finishing touches to flag cases. These medallions are made out of beautiful struck brass and are finished with an antique lacquer for that great relief look. The backs of these medallions have an adhesive for easy application on any flag case.

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