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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medalliance?

Medalliance, your family healthcare center where the focus is to provide you and your family access to high quality medical care. Your health is important to us and we are here to serve you. Medalliance is a Diagnostic & Treatment Center licensed under Article 28 by NYS Department of Health with 2 convenient locations.

What is medmedalliance?

MedAlliance is an Article 28 New York State Department of Health Licensed Medical Center. We treat all patients with dignity, respect, concern and privacy regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and/or ability to pay.

What is medmedalliance’s Deb technology?

MedAlliance is the first and only company able to deliver the antiproliferative drug sirolimus in a drug-eluting balloon (DEB) with a sustained release profile similar to that of a drug-eluting stent (DES). SELUTION’s technology involves the formation of spherical micro-reservoirs made from biodegradable polymer intermixed with the drug.

Is medalliance's selution SLR FDA approved?

In February 2020 MedAlliance announced the award of its first CE Mark Approval for SELUTION SLR (PTA) in the treatment of peripheral arterial disease and in May 2020 the company was awarded their second CE Mark for SELUTION SLR (PTCA) for the treatment of coronary arterial disease.

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