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Frequently Asked Questions

How can best Western and Medallia promote for TripAdvisor help?

Wise words, especially for Best Western and other busy hoteliers who value increased efficiency. Medallia Promote for TripAdvisor focuses on integrating the TripAdvisor review form into the guest satisfaction surveys Medallia sends to recent hotel guests.

What is the Medallia guest satisfaction survey?

“With the Medallia guest satisfaction survey, you’re soliciting reviews from guests who might not have written a TripAdvisor review otherwise. Someone who is willing both to complete a survey and write a review likely is highly engaged.” Source: TripAdvisor, Best Western sees 76% more reviews with TripAdvisor and Medallia partnership

Why engage with Medallia?

Engage and empower employees by enabling frontline agents and call center reps to provide ideas and suggestions on customer experience. Learn how Best Western relies on Medallia to gain greater visibility into hotel guest feedback and improve customer service.

Do Best Western properties with TripAdvisor reviews receive more reviews?

76% more reviews for Best Western: The Best Western properties collecting TripAdvisor reviews through the Medallia survey receive 76% more reviews via the partnership. Average rating up from 3.98 to 4.28: The average rating for reviews collected via this partnership was 4.28 out of 5.0, compared to just 3.98 for reviews collected in other ways.

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