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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Medal of Honor museum located?

The National Headquarters and Museum for the Congressional Medal of Honor is located at 40 Patriots Point Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464, aboard the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, the centerpiece of Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum.

What is the history of the Medal of Honor?

History of the Medal of Honor. On April 23, 1904, Congress authorized a new design of the medal. George L. Gillespie designed the newly adopted medal, and it is the one currently in use. The medal was worn either suspended from the neck, or pinned over the left breast in precedence to other military decorations.

What kind of metal is the Medal of Honor made of?

The medal is made from metal and red brass and finished with gold plating. The Navy s Medal of Honor design is used for the US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard. It is a five-pointed bronze star. Each star point is tipped with trefoils containing a crown of laurel and oak.

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