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Frequently Asked Questions

How many corpsman have received the Medal of Honor?

A total of 684 personal awards were awarded to hospital corpsmen, including 22 Medals of Honor, 55 Navy Crosses, and 237 Silver Stars. During World War I, hospital corpsmen served throughout the fleet, earning particular distinction on the Western Front with the Marine Corps.

How many medals of Honor have been awarded posthumously?

The Medal of Honor was established during this conflict; 1523 were awarded (33 posthumously) for acts of bravery and gallantry in combat. Most awards were granted after the end of the Civil War with two late awards to Andrew Jackson Smith and Alonzo Cushing in 2001 and 2014.

How many recipients of the Medal of Honor are still alive?

According to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, there are 3,500 recipients of the Medal of Honor. Currently, only 71 recipients are still alive. Nineteen recipients were awarded the medal twice.

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