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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medmedactionplan pro?

MedActionPlan PRO seamlessly integrates into clinical workflows, simplifies complex medication information, and produces medication schedules and action plans that are easy to understand and follow. Empower patients to take a proactive role in their care.

Can medactionplan pro integrate with my EMR?

MedActionPlan PRO empowers providers and patients to better manage even the most complex medication regimens. This new program is designed to address the number-one request we receive from customers across the United States: “Can MedActionPlan integrate with our EMR?” The answer, I’m pleased to say, is “YES!”

When did medactionplan launch mymedschedule?

2008: MedActionPlan launches MyMedSchedule Mobile, becoming one of the first to utilize the potential of mobile apps to empower patients and caregivers to manage their medications. 2017: MedActionPlan announces MedActionPlan PRO (Positive Results and Outcomes) and a new generation of medication adherence applications.

How does medactionplan work at UHS?

UHS was the first facility in the US to adopt MedActionPlan 15 years ago. MedActionPlan sends the patient’s medication schedule directly to their MyMedSchedule Plus mobile app. The mobile app automatically schedules medication reminders, helping patients like Greg take their medicines on time everyday.

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