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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medactionplan pro and how does it work?

MedActionPlan ® PRO enables providers to customize and print patient-friendly medication schedules and discharge instructions based on standard health literacy principles. When you print a MedActionPlan PRO schedule, we include English translations to make sure the patient’s other providers can read them.

What is medmedactionplan dashboard?

MedActionPlan Dashboard also allows healthcare providers to monitor any medications added, removed, or updated by the patient or caregiver in MyMedSchedule Plus and track their adherence. Decrease the cost of care through collaboration.

What is the history of medactionplan?

2004: MedActionPlan debuts, offering one of the first web-based software applications designed for providers to improve patient safety and adherence to medication regimens. 2007: MedActionPlan introduces MyMedSchedule ®, one of the first patient portals designed to engage patients to take a proactive role in their health.

How does empowerempower work with medactionplan?

Empower clinicians and patients to actively engage in and improve patient safety and adherence. MedActionPlan makes it easy for our patients to visualize and follow their medication regimens. It’s helped improve patient understanding, resulting in better patient safety and medication compliance.

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