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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medmedactionplan?

MedActionPlan is one of the best tools for teaching and communicating medication regimens with patients. The program makes it easy for patients to understand and follow the times, how many to take and why they take their medications.

How does medactionplan pro work with mymedschedule plus?

If your healthcare providers use MedActionPlan PRO, they can send updates to your medication schedule directly into MyMedSchedule Plus so you don't have to add medications yourself. You can create a separate profile for each family member.

How does empowerempower work with medactionplan?

Empower clinicians and patients to actively engage in and improve patient safety and adherence. MedActionPlan makes it easy for our patients to visualize and follow their medication regimens. It’s helped improve patient understanding, resulting in better patient safety and medication compliance.

How can Cerner medactionplan pro help you?

Engage the patient with personalized medication schedules and action plans in simple, culturally appropriate formats. MedActionPlan PRO schedules have been proven to improve adherence, reduce healthcare costs, and increase patient satisfaction. Seamlessly transition to MedActionPlan PRO with a click from Cerner’s navigation bar.

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