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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sets of sound does mechvibes support?

Just uploaded Mechvibes v1.1.0 with 8 sets of sound, add supports for windows (includes portable version), mac and linux Very interesting. But since my daily driver is an IBM Model F XT, I don't think I need this...

What's new in mechvibes?

Changes: Lots of default sound packs and custom sound packs added (EG Oreo, EG Crystal Purple, NK Cream (thanks to Ryan), Regina Typewriter and other funny sounds too...) You can Where to get more sound?You can find them here How to add them to Mechvibes? Open custom folder: Right click on Mechvibes icon in System tray, select "Custom Folder"

What is mechvibes editor?

With Mechvibes Editor, you can create a new sound pack, edit existing sound pack or share them with your friends. Released /v2.3.1/Mechvibes.Setup.2.3.1.exe

How to fix the mechvibes keeps restarting?

(Or keep showing Loading message) Windows: Install Visual C++ ( download here) then quit and start Mechvibes again MacOS: Go to Privacy in System References then check Mechvibes in the app list and restart the Mechvibes, or in the Application folder, right-click on Mechvibes and select Open instead of double-click

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