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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get more sounds on mechvibes?

Where to get more sound? Extract downloaded zip file, copy extracted folder into "mechvibes_custom" folder (remember to change the folder name to... Restart the app to see newly added sound in Custom group:

How to turn off mechvibes?

Windows: Install Visual C++ ( download here) then quit and start Mechvibes again MacOS: Go to Privacy in System References then check Mechvibes in the app list and restart the Mechvibes, or in the Application folder, right-click on Mechvibes and select Open instead of double-click

How to use mech vibes?

1: Use free tool like Audacity to determine start and length of a sound in audio file 2: Open Mechvibes Editor (right-click on System tray icon), select Key define mode: "Single file" 3: Select a key that you want to assign sound

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