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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the routing number for Mechanics Bank?

Routing Number: 121102036 Mechanics Bank Logo Sign In Sign In Personal Online Banking Business Online Banking Business Bill PayAuto FinanceCommercial CenterWhitespaceWMCredit CardLock Box ServicePortfolio Online401k / 403b Participant401k / 403b SponsorTradeLink

How do I retrieve my mechanics bank account data?

Quicken or QuickBooks users have two options to retrieve Mechanics Bank account data: Export transactions from your Online Banking session in the file formats below, and import into your Quicken or Quickbooks program: Excel (.csv) OFX Quicken (.qfx)

How do I connect my mechanics bank account to QuickBooks?

QuickBooks (.qbo) Connect to your Mechanics Bank account(s) from within your Quicken or QuickBooks program using Quicken’s Direct Connect: Express Web Connect (also known as Quicken Connect for Mac users) Direct Connect Web Connect WebConnect or DirectConnect users within Quicken or QuickBooks should look for the connection name Mechanics Bank CA.

What is the monthly service charge for a Mechanics Bank checking account?

With Mechanics Bank’s Regular Checking Account, you enjoy a simple, easy to manage checking account. $5.00 monthly service charge $500.00 minimum balance requirement to qualify for no monthly service charge Student & Senior Citizens accounts available

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