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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Mechanics Bank mobile deposit services?

Login to Mobile Banking using your Online Banking user ID and password Select “Deposit Checks” (iPhone/iPod) or “Deposits” (iPad/Android) from the Mobile Banking menu Review and agree to the Mechanics Bank Mobile Remote Deposit Services Agreement

What is the routing number for Mechanics Bank?

Routing Number: 121102036 Mechanics Bank Logo Sign In Sign In Personal Online Banking Business Online Banking Business Bill PayAuto FinanceCommercial CenterWhitespaceWMCredit CardLock Box ServicePortfolio Online401k / 403b Participant401k / 403b SponsorTradeLink

How do I retrieve my mechanics bank account data?

Quicken or QuickBooks users have two options to retrieve Mechanics Bank account data: Export transactions from your Online Banking session in the file formats below, and import into your Quicken or Quickbooks program: Excel (.csv) OFX Quicken (.qfx)

What can I do with the Mechanics Bank app?

Use our secure Mechanics Bank app on your for Apple® or Android™ device to quickly and easily: Deposit checks with mobile deposit 1 View account balances and transactions Transfer funds Pay bills Locate a branch or ATM Download the app today! learn how to make a mobile deposit Mobile Deposit

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