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Frequently Asked Questions

What companies hire Mechanical Engineers?

Oil and gas extraction companies often employ mechanical engineers to solve problems with their equipment or to invent new ways to perform their duties. Scientific research and analysis is one area consistent in hiring mechanical engineers, as is the transportation and navigation industry.

What jobs are there in Mechanical Engineering?

Jobs in mechanical engineering may also involve working with power-using machines such as refrigerators, air conditioners, elevators, escalators and robots.

What is the entry level of a mechanical engineer?

Most entry-level jobs for mechanical engineers require a bachelor’s degree in engineering or mechanical engineering, though some research positions require a masters degree.

Who is the highest paid mechanical engineer?

The highest paid mechanical engineer is the oil and gas engineer if you work abroad. If you want to work in INDIA then go for ONGC. It gives the best starting salary to a mechanical engineer (around 1300000/- approx per year). If you want to earn a handsome of money in the coming years, go for a MNC.

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