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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of mechanic jobs?

Many mechanics specialize in certain types of repair jobs, such as engine work, auto body repair, and electronic systems. Since there is so much room for specialty, there are several different auto mechanic jobs available. Many auto mechanics work in independent shops with other service technicians.

What is the salary range for a mechanic?

The average salary for all auto service technicians and mechanics was ​ $42,090 ​ a year as of May 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lowest paid 10 percent made ​ $24,400 ​ or less per year, while the highest paid 10 percent made ​ $68,880 ​ or more. Half of all mechanics made between ​ $31,250 ​ and ​ $56,140 ​ a year.

What are the jobs of a mechanic?

The job duties of an A&P mechanic vary from preventive maintenance to repairs. A mechanic makes routine inspections, documents inspections and repairs, performs scheduled maintenance and runs tests after making repairs or performing maintenance. Job duties may vary based on which part of the plane is being worked on.

What are the job responsibilities of a mechanic?

An A&P mechanic inspects, services and repairs airplanes to ensure they're operating correctly and safely. A mechanic is responsible for ensuring that airplanes get regular maintenance and that any problems are fixed correctly. Mechanics may work on different parts of an aircraft, such as the engine, landing gear, brakes and pumps.

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