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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the actual meaning of encapsulation?

In normal terms Encapsulation is defined as wrapping up of data and information under a single unit. In Object Oriented Programming, Encapsulation is defined as binding together the data and the functions that manipulates them.

How would you explain the importance of encapsulation?

Encapsulation in programming has a few key benefits. These include: Hiding Data: Users will have no idea how classes are being implemented or stored. All that users will know is that values are being passed and initialized. More Flexibility: Enables you to set variables as red or write-only. Examples include: setName(), setAge() or to set ...

What is encapsulation and its features?

Encapsulation is the implementation level process that bundles data and code and hides the internal implementation of the code. Abstraction is user-centric means it represents the domain models. Encapsulation is developer-centric means it tells developers exactly what users can and cannot access. Abstraction is the VIP entities of Encapsulation

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